Damen Services delivers interactive seminar onsite Fremantle, WA, Australia

06 Mar 2019

Damen Services Brisbane, the Regional Service Hub for the international Damen Shipyards Group, has taken its successful seminar on the road. The three-day technical seminar on automation and propulsion systems was delivered onsite, at Svitzer’s WA headquarters in Fremantle. The expert trainers were able to deliver a theoretical and interactive practical insight, resulting in new and renewed skills for those who attended.

  • The three days started with Rolls-Royce service engineer, Richard Keir followed by Praxis training specialist, John Briggs from Damen Services Brisbane. Thirteen attended the interactive training that focused on both the Aquamaster system and related controls as well as the Automation systems and controls. Both trainers placed emphasis on good fault finding and trouble shooting skills. The information provided was considered to be highly beneficial to operators, engineers and superintendents.

    The new interactive Praxis simulator provided the participants with a safe environment to implement their existing and new-found theoretical skills.
    Several tips and tricks were shared and demonstrated across both training that will assist in good maintenance and overcoming issues that could develop during daily operations. Feedback from the attendants was resounding with very positive remarks and compliments, with many saying that the learnings will be valuable for future operations. For example:

    “The whole seminar was excellent’.
    “Practical hands-on training with Praxis. Rolls Royce maintenance information very informative”.
    “All instructors very knoweledgable and experienced in the systems and made it easy to understand, Well done.”

    Furthermore, the seminar was a great networking opportunity for both Damen and non-Damen operators to discuss their vessels and share experiences.

    Damen Services Brisbane is committed to providing tailored training seminars to operators, including the option to mobilise. This allows the trainers to cater to the customers specific vessels and needs. Options for onsite training can be requested for 2019 by contatcting Damen Services Technical Manager Aaron Daldy aaron.daldy@damen.com